The Official CaptainSparklez Texture Pack

Compiler and Lead: ThermicWaffle
​Compiler and Co-Lead: muddyCookie
“CaptainSparklez” Language: Devystator

Supported Minecraft Versions:
1.6 – 1.19

OptiFine is recommended for the full experience. Scroll down for the credits of all contributors.
To enable custom item names, open “Options”, then “Language”, and change the language to “CaptainSparklez (US)”.

Plenty of custom textures, custom models, and splash texts you won’t find anywhere else. Oh, and it reduces rain particles without needing OptiFine :P

The Official CaptainSparklez Texture Pack, used and approved by CaptainSparklez himself.

Community inspired and made. The perfect texture pack for any CaptainSparklez fan, loved by all.


Author and Lead: ThermicWaffle
Compiler and Co-Lead: muddyCookie
“CaptainSparklez” Language: Devystator

(All Contributors have agreed to have their work in this Texture Pack, as long as they are credited)
2CATteam: Rain/Snow – Reduced Particles
ArcticJR: Paintings – Customized
AstralOrdana: Hopper – Witch Face + Custom Model
cliff0428: Death Screen – “You Demonetized!”​
Colcifer: Piglin Brute – “Dragonhearted” + Custom Model (ONLY with OptiFine), CaptainSparklez Face​
CorporalBLOBER: Barrel – Pillager + Custom Model
Devystator​: Becomes Villager as it Takes Damage, Leather Gear – QC Merch, Custom Item Names, Death Messages – Customized
Henzoid: Paintings – Customized
JonathanPT: Shield – Fallen Kingdom Banner, Snow Fox – Ianite
KR1dude: Chest – Villager
LightsaberLuke: Diamond Helmet – Bluephones + Custom Model, Minecart – Item Textures
Malbanana: Main Menu – Fallen Kingdom Castle
Milk Me Mario: Creeper – Name a Creeper “Boomer” (ONLY with OptiFine)
muddyCookie: Loading Screen for Bedrock Edition – CaptainSparklez Facts, Totem of Undying – CaptainSparklez Minecraft Skin, Oak Boat, Chest Boat – Item Textures
Petercat: Loading Screen for Java Edition – CaptainSparklez Logo
Petrified97: Hoglin – Custom Attack Sound​
platypus_lord1: Ender Chest – Wandering Trader
Raini01: Cod – Sharkinghum, Dog – CaptainBarklez, Parrot – Hummingshark
SavitarianTwitch: Oak Boat – Jord GT
supacreepa: Turtle Helmet – Jimmy the Turtle + Custom Model
ThermicWaffle: Barrel – Pillager Sounds, Creeper – “Revenge”, Enchantment Table Book – “How to Kill a Slime” by CaptainSparklez, Enderman – Green and Purple Eyes, Java/Bedrock Edition Title – “Jerry” Edition, Trident – Fork
TrueBlue500: Diamond Leggings – QC Joggers, Furnace – Pista Car + Custom Model, Minecart – MinecLaren, Pig – Fallen Kingdom

You have the right to share and adapt this work, however, you must provide the name of the creator (ThermicWaffle), a copyright notice, a license notice, and a link to this work. You must also distribute your adaptations under the same license as the original. You may not use this work for commercial purposes or make a profit off of it. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Made by ThermicWaffle